It’s League night!

League games are played on Mondays at Maya Mexican Restaurant, starting at 7:45. Games are every other week, and we often have various chess activities on the non-game weeks. If you would like to join the league, or just show up and watch the games or play some blitz on off weeks, contact Ben Newbry on Wechat (Wechat id: bennewbry), or send us an email at:
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Shanghai Chess League:


The Shanghai Chess League was conceived with two goals in mind: creating a warm community of fellow Shanghai chess players, and creating an environment in which everyone, from beginner to FIDE Master, can learn and improve their chess. The league is played at 50 10 time controls to allow for slower, more meaningful games, and the results are put up on this website so we can all learn from/prepare for our matches. We play every other week so the schedule isn’t too demanding, and we’re flexible for people who need to play on alternate days on any given week. We normally see 70-80% of the week’s games on the scheduled Monday, and the atmosphere strikes a balance between serious and friendly.


FM Louis Sanchez has been the League Arbiter from day 1, volunteering his time and expertise to not only make sure things run smoothly on game day, but also to help people analyze after their matches and even give some lectures on off weeks. The core volunteer group that keeps the league running smoothly includes Ben Newbry, Chris Day, Ace Ryan, and Thomas Erickson, but many other league participants have volunteered time and experience to help the league in the past. League equipment and costs are shared by all league members through small tournament entry fees.


Hall of Champions

Season 8, Spring 2019:Champion:Peter Kokol
Runner up:Louis Sanchez
Season 7, Fall 2018:Champion:Leyun
Runner up:Ariel
Season 6, Spring 2018:Champion:Peter Kokol
Runner up:Ben Newbry, USA
Season 5, Fall 2017:Champion:Peng Shunkai, CHN
Runner up:Kevin
Season 4, Spring 2017:Champion:Ben Newbry, USA
Runner up:Ace Ryan Sy, PHI
Season 3, Fall 2016:Champion:Leyun Wang, CHN
Runner up:Ben Newbry, USA
Season 2, Spring 2016:Champion:Elzat Yunus, CHNElzat ponders his next move.
Runner up:Chris Day, CAN
Season 1, Fall 2015Champion:Johann Trens, FRA